Anonymous said: can u do a gifset of sojin's red hair??? pls omg orz also i love you and your blog peace out stay cool xoxo

Of course I can, precious! n___n Thank you very much and shh, I love you, too. ♡

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September 01
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Anonymous said: Hyeri kinda looks like bomi from apink in certain angles when she had long brown hair and especially with the red lipstick and stuff. Haha but I like hyeri's short hair now it was just kinda weird when they styled it during female president..ok rambling now lol.

I agree! Also, I don’t even want Hyeri to have long hair again, I just love her short her so much. At first I didn’t really like, probably because, just like how you said, they styled it in a weird way during Female President era, but now I friggin’ adore it, especially when it’s blonde. ♡

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September 01
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Minah’s fanservice → requested by anonymous

finalwuyifantasy said: your gifs are so hd omg how do you color them? oAo teach me master

High quality videos are the key, I guess since my coloring is always slightly different for every gif. ;n; But I was planning to re-new my gif tutorial, so please look forward to it, heh. ♡

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August 31
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bangsajang | DO NOT edit

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August 31
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August 31
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Anonymous said: Could you please make a gifset of Yura's red hair during Dont Forget Me era? Just another request, thank you!

Of course, Honeybun! But only if you are a very patient person since I start with work tomorrow. ♡

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August 31
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hard-to-walk said: omg. can you make that gif of minah and the guy into a "me" "you" one when you get the time, please!? i feel like it needs to have that. please and thank you! ♥

I am really not good with such things, omg. I will give it a try, but if I won’t be able to make it, I recommend you to ask EllyFlippy or Summer. ♡

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August 31
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