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April 16
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singyouhometae said: what concert was free in LA ? yup I'm waiting to that a free kpop concert would happen at europe huhu

The LA K-Pop Festival♡ Will we ever get a free K-Pop concert in Europe though? ;___;

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April 16
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Koreaboo | DO NOT edit

kuryama said: (Currently stalking this blog) I love it so much

Thank you so much, I’m flattered! (/ω\)

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April 16
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onew-pillow said: man i have post concert depression. girls day was so sweet and they looked like goddesses. minah waved at me ;~; sojin and hyeri smiled at me ><

They are goddesses, to be honest. And I’m really happy for you, you deserved it! ♡ But you all wanna make me jealous, don’t you? ;u; 

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April 16
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1/ edits of the flawless Park Sojin

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April 16
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Anonymous said: Do you plan on recruiting new admins anytime soon?

No, and I don’t think I ever will since I like running this blog on my own, I’m sorry! 

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April 16
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Anonymous said: That LA. kpop concert was free?!??!!

Yes, it was free. ♡ And here I am, still waiting for a free K-Pop concert in Europe, weeps.

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April 16
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