Anonymous said: Between Twinkle Twinkle or Hug Me Once which was better?

I prefer the music video of Hug Me Once while I prefer Twinkle Twinkle as a song. ♡ Hajima hajima mamamamamamamama~ ヽ(´ー`)ノ 

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April 23
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April 23
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yoobrownie said: Make me choose : Jihae during Hug me once era or Jihae during Twinkle twinkle era ? ~

I’ll add it to the request list, Babycakes! ♡

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April 23
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make me choose: minah or sojin (requested by h-akushi)

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April 23
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hyeri + pastel ♡ requested by anon

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April 23
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Anonymous said: Heey, do you still take make me choose requests?!~ because i have one ^_^ Hyeri through the eras or Minah through the eras

Yes, I do! \o/ But I won’t be able to finish any requests etc. before Friday, just so you know! 

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April 23
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Expectation » light vs. dark

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April 23
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Anonymous said: Out of every song they have which is your favorite Girl's Day song?

I always said Expectation is my favorite song of all time, but there’s something about Nothing Lasts Forever and yeah, I don’t know sdgtjhdasf. Can’t I just choose both as my favorite Girl’s Day songs? ;u; 

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April 23
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Favourite Yura hairstyle? Female President era; for anon.

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April 23
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